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Moonpool Hatches

Moonpool Hatches (Moonpool Hatch Covers) ensures the closing of the top of the moonpool.

Moonpool hatches serve as versatile openings in the hulls of various offshore vessels, facilitating a range of operations from deployment of subsea equipment to underwater exploration. These robust hatches are commonly found on cable-laying vessels, pipe-laying support ships (PLSVs), exploration and drilling vessels, construction vessels (CSVs), diving support vessels (DSVs), research vessels, and offshore support vessels (OCSVs).

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View extensive information about ROV doors, Moonpool Hatches & Marine Roller Shutter Doors.

Open moonpools on offshore vessels increase resistance, leading to higher fuel costs.

The ROV Doors (ROV Hanger Door) ensures the closure of the ROV hangar. At both port as starboard side one door can be placed.

Marine roller shutter doors are a versatile and reliable solution for closing openings on ships and offshore vessels.

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