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Renewal Vehicle Fleet

In order for us to be of better service to our customers, we replaced our service van for a newer model. Once again there is chosen for a Fiat Ducato.

The new service van is more spacious than its predecessor and features an ergonomic interior to provide the driver with the most comfortable workplace.

There is chosen for an ergonomic driver’s seat, navigation, climate control and rear view camera’s. Due to the raised roof it is possible to stand upright in the loading area, which guarantees a more pleasant working position.

The service van has a economical EURO 6 engine with an automatic gearbox that guarantees high performance with the lowest possible CO2 emissions.

In order to increase recognisability, the service van is equipped with the well known Parosha design.

The service van will be used for all service activities carried out by the Parosha Group.

The Fiat Ducato was delivered by Cornelis Business Cars from Leeuwarden.

On short term, the vehicle fleet will be extended with a Fiat Doblo, which will also be equipped with the Parosha design.

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