member of the parosha group

Parosha International B.V. is an international operating sales organization. Parosha International B.V. operates worldwide and delivers and sells in partnership with Parosha Innovators B.V. innovations for the sectors; offshore & maritime, industrial, robotic and agriculture. Parosha International B.V. is an in the Netherlands-based, privately held company and is part of the Parosha Group.

The Parosha Group is a real family company and consists of a group of companies each with their own specialties. Through this collaboration, there is a spectrum formed of knowledge and experience.

The headquarter is located in St. Annaparochie (The Netherlands). The employees of Parosha International B.V. are involved professionals with passion and enthusiasm for their profession.

All sales activities for Parosha Innovators B.V. go through Parosha International B.V.