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While in transit and/or during activities the offshore vessel experience resistance of an open moonpool. Which leads to increased power consumption and higher fuel costs.

The special designed Parosha Moonpool Door is placed in the bottom of the moonpool and ensures the closure of the moonpool and is designed in such a way to optimize the full functionality and to ensure the efficiency of the offshore vessel during transit and/or activities by a closed moonpool. Resulting in considerably less power consumption and lower fuel costs.

Moonpool Doors are used on many types of vessels, such as; cable-laying vessels, pipe laying support vessels (PLSV), exploration & drilling vessels, construction vessels (CSV), diving vessels (DSV), research vessels and offshore support vessels (OCSV).

The Moonpool Door can be applied on offshore vessels that must satisfy with different classes such as; ice, polar and winterization classes.

For several major shipyards worldwide Parosha Innovators B.V. developes & produces Moonpool Doors. The size of the Moonpool Door can be entirely manufactured tailor made to customer requirements.

A Moonpool Door is delivered plug and play and includes hydraulic cylinders, locking pins, sensors and a seawater resistant coating. The Moonpool Doors are designed so that they can withstand operations in rough seas and very heavy weather.

The Moonpool Doors can be supplied with various classifications.

Watch a video for the transport of a Moonpool Door.

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