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The world of offshore & maritime is constantly in motion. A world where developments constantly keep following each other. Over the years, Parosha Innovators B.V specialized itself in offshore and maritime solutions.

This in the field of ship doors and hatches such as: Moonpool Doors & ROV Doors. The design of the ROV Door is patented by Parosha Innovators B.V.

Many international customers in the offshore and maritime industry know to find Parosha Innovators B.V. Customers such international reputable shipyards and shipbuilders.

Parosha Innovators B.V. works closely with international shipyards and shipbuilders to integrate the solutions to the specific needs & requirements.

Solutions that are specifically designed to optimize the full functionality of a vessel and to ensure efficiency during activities. But also solutions that are innovative and cost effective, especially on longer term. Solutions with the ultimate goal to get the best possible result.

Here you will find an overview of our offshore & maritime innovations.