member of the parosha group

All products are produced innovations by Parosha Innovators B.V., but also the innovations from other enduring parties that Parosha Innovators B.V. supports.

Parosha Innovators B.V. also develops and produces with other parties. With this cooperation a creative platform is establish to give innovating products more opportunities.

A lot of companies who plans the producing of their equipment on their own, find Parosha Innovators B.V. to help them with their ideas. With this obligation Parosha Innovators B.V. establish the translation from question to result. The existing knowledge and facilities are in possession. Early consultation and open communication are the foundation for, in all respects, successful co-production.

Parosha Innovators B.V. has developed innovations in the field of Offshore & Maritime, Industrial, Agriculture & Robotic.

A summary of the innovations: