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ROV Doors On Transport

In February two ROV (Hangar) Doors were transported. The ROV Doors, each with a weight of about 27 tons and a dimension of 10.5 x 8.5 x 1.8 meters were transported by ship to the customer. The ROV Doors are developed and manufactured by Parosha Innovators B.V.

NEW, Steelbag Business XL Plus portable suitcase with plenty of space!

The Steelbag assortment has recently been expanded with the Steelbag Business XL Plus. A thicker version of the already popular Steelbag Business XL. From the market, there is demand for a thicker version of the Steelbag Business XL. Transporting more goods or bigger goods in one Steelbag will then be possible. This made us decide to the development …

Moonpool Door With Exceptional Transport To Poland

On Monday September 15th a Moonpool Door left from Zwette Machinebouw B.V. with exceptional transport for Poland. The Moonpool Door, weighing about 17 tons and a size of 11,0 by 5,3 meters is placed on location on the trailer. From there the truck left in the evening for Poland, where the Moonpool Door will be mounted in an offshore vessel. The Moonpool …

Expanding Vehicle Fleet Parosha Group

In order to provide an even more optimal service and able to satisfy to the increasing demand, we proudly present an expansion of our vehicle fleet. Two Volkswagen Caddy’s were added to the vehicle fleet of Parosha Innovators BV. These two cars are fitted with the Parosha Innovators BV corporate identity in order to contribute to the awareness and …

The Parosha Group In The Leeuwarder Courant

In the Leeuwarder Courant of May 15th an article is published about the Parosha Group. The article is about seven large orders that have been taken by the Parosha Group for the provision of Moonpool and ROV ship doors in the offshore world. The full article can be downloaded here (Dutch article).

New website online

The new website of Parosha Innovators is online. The old website was outdated and needed to be updated. The new website is responsive which means it can be viewed on different devices.